What is Zombie Rush

Zombie rush is a game in

Zombie rush is a game in ROBLOX. So first you need to vote for a map. Which ever map has the most votes is the map where you will be playing on. When you are in the map at the bottom there will be a stick for you to hit the zombie or you can use a gun to shoot the zombie. For starters you will get a pistol. You need to try your best to kill as much zombie's as you can.

When you die you go to a place where you wait until time is up. When time is up you vote for map and you go back to the game. You can become a zombie but you have no gun's. You only have a pan. When a zombie die's you can start over not go back to that place.

there is level. To buy new gun's you will need to level up every time. There is also kills, so you can see how many zombie's you killed.