About Work at a pizza place

this game is where you work at a pizza place.

So at first you choose what job you want to be. There is cashier, chief, pizza boxer and deliverer. Or maybe you can be on break.

Cashier, When you be a cashier there will be people coming at you and he will say what they want, when they said it you need to choose what they wanted. there is 4 item's 3 pizza and 1 drink at the pizza place. Get as much people as you can to get more money.

Chief, when you be a chief you need to make pizza that is on the board. You cannot just make your own pizza. You need a doe then you will need to put cheese on it then you need to put what ever it said like it said pepperoni so you need to put pepperoni. When done then you need to put it on the oven

Pizza boxer, Pizza boxer is the person who get's a box and then they put the pizza in the box then you close it by clicking it then you put it on the oven If there is no pizza then maybe there is no one making the pizza.

Delivery, The delivery person is the one who grabs the pizza on the table and then he or she go in a car and then they bring it to the house that the arrows lead you to.

On Break, if your on break then you stay home. You need money to get furniture for your house.