This ROBLOX game is so cool. It is like a real 3D driving simulator. thsi game is coo. So you need to choose a car that you would like to drive then you need to get in the car and start driving. The controls for moving is WASD. Don't break the rules, if you break the rules too many times you will get locked in jail, if you break the rules 50 or 100 times the police will shoot you in your face in ROBLOX.

You can get a job, you can be a citizen, police, fire fighter, mail am or you can be a bus driver. I think that when there is a emergency and your a police or fire fighter that is pretty fun. you can go as fast as you can and you can cross red lights. You can steal a guna and take down the police force!

You can do anything you want in Driving simulator, you can also buy house and new cars. The thing I want this game to have is that you can play it on an iphone or ipad, that will be cool and awesome to do.