Sharkbite is a game on the ROBLOX home page on the first section.

Sharkbite is a game of you in a boat shooting a shark. At first you will choose a boat, you can join someone or ask them to join your boat. After you will have 3 second's to escape when the shark is stuck in a cage waiting for you to get as far away as possible. After that the shark is now free, you need to stay away from the shark as well as trying to shoot the shark.

But watch out, the shark can attack your boat and kill you. When you die you go back to the light house and you just wait or watch the shark or you can buy some cool item's with your shark teeth. To get shark teeth, you can buy it with robux or you need to survive to get 20 or 30 shark teeth's.

With shark teeth's you can buy new boat's and you can buy new gun's. A real life player is the shark. You need to control the boat/ship.