Pokemon Brick Bronze is a fun cool Roblox game in the home page. Pokemon Brick Bronze is a game of a Pokemon adventure. At the start you can create your own trainer and then the story start's

You will have to get a Pokemon to start the adventure, to do that you need to go to the Pokemon center, but before you can enter the Pokemon center you will need to go and talk to your parent's first. Like I mean the game parent's not like your real parent's in real life! anyway's after you got a Pokemon your gonna battle your friend first in the game not real life!

After that you can start your adventure. Hunt for Pokemon, battle other trainers and get the badge by beating up the first gym. To get the arc badge you will have to beat the first gym. What do you do with the arc badge? You can go to the trade or you can go battle with real player's or your real friend around the world! Sound's fun right?

I hope you will have a safe adventure. Catch as much Pokemon as you can and can you reach up to the last gym?