Roblox Murder Mystery is a fun game!

For me I think it is like a random game, so if you don't have anything to play then you just hop in the Murder Mystery.

Murder mystery can sometimes be violent. Murder Mystery is that each round it will choose if your Murder, sheriff or innocent. But first you need to vote for the map. There is 3 map's so you need to vote for which one you would like to choose. Which ever got the most vote will be the map.

Murder: The Murder is someone who try's to kill everyone. The murder can kill the sheriff if he kill's him first. If the murder killed everyone including the sheriff then the murder win's!

Sheriff: The sheriff is the player who tried to find the murder and shoot him. If the murder killed the sheriff then the sheriff drop his gun and wait until a player to grab a gun and try to kill the murder there self.

innocent: innocent is the player is normal. You mostly become innocent. If you get killed by the murder then you die. You do not have a knife or a gun you have nothing. You just try to run away from the murder. If the sheriff shot's you and your innocent then the game end's and he sheriff lose!