Have you ever seen a cool kid game on roblox? Well this is one of them! Meet Meepcity a really fun game. This game is for all age and created by Alexnewtron, The game was published in 2/26/2016.

The worst thing about this game is that there is lot's of Online Dater's on this game.

The Second Worst thing about this game is that you can type in anything you want without it being blocked!!!

But most about this game is really cool. The plaza has Ice Cream, Pizza and club DJ that is closed for visitors. In the Town there is only a School and a cafe for you to eat there.

In the neighbor hood there is where you can find your house and where you can go into other people's house. Why it's could Meepcity it's because there are pet's named Meep so that's why it's could meepcity. Meep coin's are money in the game. Buy a pet for 500 meep coin's or buy anything else you want. To get more cash you will have to go fishing and then sell it to the pet shop.

There is a avatar editor that only work's in the game! There is a toy shop for you to buy coin's! There is a meepcity racing event happening now at Meepcity! Have lot's of fun at!

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