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Have you ever wondered what is the life of a prisoner, police and criminal. Well in this wiki I will talk about Jailbreak the prison game on roblox!

So when you first join the game it will say something like Police and Prisoner well you have to pick one that you would like to be! When you chooses it then you will spawn in jail if your a prisoner or anywhere if your a police officer. So a prisoner can escape prison with out a key card! But if you want a gun then you need a key card to enter the police station. Police need to try there best to not let any prisoners escape. Every arrest they will get cash. The cash is only for buying car's not for buying SWAT pack's or VIP.

If you want a gun but without a key card then follow the step's. Escape prison, turn left and you will see a tunnel, go in the tunnel. Then you will see a gun shop, Go in the gun shop but don't get caught by the police! The only gun you can get is a gun that is on the table. There are store's that you can rob, police can't rob anything they can only try to arrest bad boy's. Thing's to rob, Bank, Jewelry Store, Gas Station, Donuts shop and the gun shop!