Animal jam is a fun game for all age even for baby's! It is created by National Geographic Kids so it's safe for all age!

Animal jam is a fun game and you can learn while playing it. So fun that play it like everyday because it's like so cool. You know when you see something cool and then you started staring at it it's the same thing with game's. In Animal Jam you have to create a account NO BEING Guests just telling you. Member' you have to buy with real money no getting free member's. Member's can get free diamond's everyday with the daily diamond spin. If you need to get diamond's if you don't have member's then enter the code twelve to get one diamond. If that is not enough then you will win some(maybe) in the daily spin.

You can dress up your animal bu buying stuff from the shop. Some item's need member's before you can but it. At the start you can choose any animal you want that is on there.

You also have a house that AJHQ (That stand's for Animal Jam Head Quarters) called it a den. You get some free stuff when you first join the game. But if you need more den item's then buy some more. Some den item's need members before you can buy it!